Final Seals and Rinses

We have a full line of final seals and rinses to accommodate and complement any iron phosphate or other pretreatment process. Whether you are using iron or zinc phosphates, we have a sealer to enhance paint adhesion, increase salt spray resistance, or provide corrosion resistance. EnviroServe’s EnviroSeal™ brand consist of a host of seals and rinses containing acid blends, alkaline blends, amine blends, solubilized metal blends, and new generation polymers. EnviroServe is continuously researching and developing new rinses and seals that will even better enhance the pretreatment processes.

Non Chrome Sealers

  • Enhances Corrosion Resistance
  • Paint Adhesion Boosting
  • Reduces Flash Rusting
  • DIP (Dry in Place) Products

Zirconium Sealers

  • Enhances Corrosion Resistance
  • Paint Adhesion Boosting
  • DIP (Dry in Place) Products

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