Zirconium Pretreatment Technology

For almost 10 years, EnviroServe Chemicals has been a leader in Zirconium Pretreatment Technology. Our products provide pretreatment solutions from all types of manufacturing including ornamental fencing and railing, material handling equipment, pull behind trailer manufacturers, office furniture, heavy equipment manufacturers, and so much more.

Formulated to replace traditional iron phosphate products, our EnviroKote™ product line requires no or very little heat to deposit a conversion coating, typical operating temperature are 80-110°F. Another benefit of this new technology is usage; a maximum of about 2% by volume for the stand-alone coater is needed, compared to approximately 2-4% by volume with conventional iron phosphates.

EnviroServe’s EnviroKote™ technology coatings contain no regulated heavy metals and eliminate phosphate from waste water. Sludge is also reduced to a minimum while waste treatment costs and other effluent issues are greatly diminished. Reduced sludge formation results in considerably lower maintenance costs since fewer bath dumps are needed and the incidence of plugged nozzles and other problems are reduced.

Whether it’s an automated in-line spray washer, a manual high pressure spray system, a dip or immersion line, EnviroServe Chemicals has the right product to get the job done. EnviroServe offers one of the most technologically advanced and researched line of Zirconium pretreatment products on the market today.

Increased Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance performance of these inorganic conversion coatings is compared below to conventional iron phosphate coatings (organic accelerator) with TGIC polyester and hybrid powder paint systems on cold-rolled steel and aluminum substrates.

Paint System Substrate Zirconium Conversion Coating
2% conc., 80F bath,
30 seconds contact time
Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating
4% conc., 140F bath,
60 seconds contact time
Salt-Spray Exposure
(ASTM B-117)
TGIC Polyester Cold Rolled Steel 0.5mm creepage from scribe 1.8mm creepage from scribe 504 hours
TGIC Polyester Aluminum 0.2mm creepage from scribe 1.0mm creepage from scribe 1008 hours
Hybrid Cold Rolled Steel 2.0mm creepage from scribe 4.3mm creepage from scribe 504 hours
Hybrid Aluminum 0.4mm creepage from scribe 2.2mm creepage from scribe 1008 hours

Test panels were prepared and tested according to ASTM B-117 and evaluated according to ASTM D-1654 Method 2. Ratings were taken of the average creepage failure from the scribe mark after a predetermined number of hours of exposure.

Reduced Environmental Impact


The Zirconium conversion coating technology greatly reduces the environmental impact over conventional iron phosphates. These products contain no phosphates, or regulated heavy metals. With lower operating temperatures these products decrease fuel consumption therefore reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Due to the technology, the acidity level is reduced requiring less neutralization. The solid content of these products compared to iron phosphate is minimal. This helps reduce the amount of total waste from the system.

Reduced Wastewater Treatment

The Zirconium conversion coatings reduce the amount of wastewater treatment required to discharge spent baths to sewer. Minimal solids, no phosphate, and lower usage concentrations greatly reduces the chemical treatment cost and the cost of sludge disposal. The chemical treatment cost is lowered again since the alkalinity required to neutralize the waste stream is reduced due to the low acidity level of the bath.

Improved Maintenance


Scale and sludge are common problems with iron phosphates. Scale can clog nozzles (see picture) restricting water flow and causing improper coverage on the parts. The zirconium conversion coating provides a cleaner system. Customers have experienced minimal sludge and scale. There is less downtime of the washer, since operators do not have to clean nozzles as frequently, or clean the screen to the pumps. Our conversion coatings can be used over 1 year without dumping. These conversion coatings produce little to no foam.

Reduced Operating Cost

Another big advantage of this technology is it saves money. Lower fuel bills due to lower temperature, more production output due to less down time because of maintenance, less waste treatment needed, possibly lower fees from municipalities, and lower usage rate make these products reduce overall operating cost.

Advantages of Zirconium Conversion Coating

  • Increased Corrosion Resistance
    • Salt Spray Performance
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
    • Phosphate Free
    • No Regulated Heavy Metals
    • Reduced Carbon Footprint
    • Less Acidity than conventional Phosphates
  • Reduced Wastewater Treatment
    • No Phosphates
    • No Regulated Heavy Metals
    • Less Sludge
    • Easier to Neutralize
  • Improved Maintenance
    • Less Scale
    • Low Foaming
    • Minimal Nozzle Cleaning
    • Minimal Sludge
    • Less Frequent Dumping
    • Less Down Time
  • Reduced Operating Cost
    • Less Downtime
    • Low Operating Temperatures
    • Reduced Fines from Municipalities
    • Less Hazardous Waste
    • Lower Chemical Usage

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