Other Metalworking Fluids

EnviroServe Chemicals has responded to the changing and special needs of CNC machining. We are now performing high-speed gun drilling, tapping, threading, milling and other severe CNC machining operations.

However, there are still many operations that cannot be completed in CNC type machining centers. The EnviroCut™ and EnviroCool™ brands of products are non-staining, heavily built, and perform exceptionally well. The first EnviroCut™ product was originally used in screw machines. Our research programs have allowed for development of other products. Many of these are used in severe machining operations other than screw machines. All of these products meet the anti-weld and lubricity requirements of moderate to severe machining operations of most alloys.

EnviroCut™ cutting and machining products do not stain either ferrous or nonferrous metals. In machines where the cutting oil leaks into the lubricant reservoir, the EnviroServe’s EnviroCut™ and EnviroCool™ brand of oils are ideal because they will perform satisfactorily as lubricants. Other applications that EnviroCut™ and EnviroCool™ brand of cutting and machining products include:

  • Screw machines
  • Broaching; internal and external
  • Tube bending
  • Gear making including hobing, grinding, shaping and shaving
  • Heavy grinding of stainless steels and high-alloy steels
  • Sawing
  • Thread rolling and cutting
  • Tapping
  • Honing and grinding
  • High speed, deep drilling of non-ferrous alloys
  • Machining operations tough, draggy metals

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