Miscellaneous Surface Treatments

  • Rust Converters
  • Rust Strippers and Descalers
  • Rinse Aids, Additives and Defoamers
  • Exotic and Precious Metals

Rust Converters

Rust converters made by EnviroServe are solutions designed to be applied directly to rusty metal surfaces. Our rust converters react directly with the iron oxide, transforming the rust into a more stable form of iron (known as “black” iron phosphate), which also inhibits further rusting of the metal. Proper selection and use of the products will eliminate strenuous sanding operations of the metal as well. These products dry to a paintable, protective barrier which may be top coated with oil-based paints. Our rust converters have been thoroughly tested by many of the North Carolina Shrimp Boat Captains and Fish House Owners.

Rust Removers and Descalers

EnviroServe Chemicals’ rust remover and heavy descalers, EnviroStrip™ brand are among the best and fastest rust removers on the market. They have been industrially tested and proven to strip rust and in many cases clean heavy encrusted soils off most metal surfaces. We have a wide assortment of products tailored for almost any type of rust, metal part or stripping operation.

  • Neutral pH Strippers
  • Acid Based Strippers
  • Alkaline Based Strippers

Rinse Aids, Additives and Defoamers

Rinsing is needed after the cleaning or phosphating processes to remove any remaining oils, solids, soluble salts, surfactants, reaction products, or other contaminants that could affect final product quality. EnviroServe’s EnviroAdd™ rinse aids tend to accelerate drainage and speeds up evaporation for faster drying with less water spots! We have a full line of tested and proven rinse aids, additives, and defoamers for both metal and plastic processing. Whether you need a rinse aid to help speed rinsing, a cleaning additive booster or just a good defoamer, we have the product you need.

Exotic and Precious Metals

For exotic metal processing like, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, inconel, nickel, cobalt, and their alloys EnviroServe Chemicals offers a complete line of non-staining lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, and cleaning products. EnviroCool™, EnviroCut™, EnviroForm™, and EnviroDraw™ brand of lubricants provide complete non-staining qualities with exceptional boundary and extreme pressure lubricity. We have straight oils, emulsifiable oils, synthetics, neo-synthetics, and semi-synthetic concentrates available. Our machining lubricants have a unique biocide package that results in long sump life and less foul odors. Because of their superior lubrication characteristics, parts can be machined to achieve an excellent mirror or micro surface finishes while maintaining dimensional stability.

Our stamping, forming, and drawing products are used in light to heavy-duty operations. They perform successfully in a variety of press configurations including single op presses or high speed progressive die operations.

EnviroServe has specialized in formulating vanishing lubricants for the exotic metals industry. These products are used where minimal lubricity and no residual films are required or needed. Use these products on thin gauge non-ferrous metals. Typical applications for vanishing lubricants include blanking, drawing, roll forming, and fin forming.

EnviroServe Chemicals has developed a line of corrosion inhibitors for the exotic metals industry. The EnviroBlock™ brands of inhibitors were designed to give excellent non-staining corrosion protection for your metals. EnviroServe Chemicals’ experience and knowledge of appropriate chemistries and proper cleaning recommendations insure proper cleaner selection. From single stage spray; multi-stage spray systems; agitated immersions; ultrasonic; to a large variety of mass finishing equipment; soak tanks; cabinet, screw and belt washers. EnviroServe’s EnviroClean™ non-staining cleaners can help improve productivity and efficiency in any cleaning operation. They are typically used at low temperatures, are free rinsing, and used at low concentrations.

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