Cooling Water

EnviroServe Chemicals provides complete solutions for cooling tower treatments that combat corrosion, scaling, general and biological fouling, and organic and inorganic deposits. We have products designed for the treatment of cooling tower systems, which include both “One Drum Programs” and segregated products programs:

  • Blends of phosphonates, molybdates, phosphates and or polymers
  • Variety of corrosion control for steel, galvanize, copper, brass, and other alloys
  • Both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides
  • Biological fouling protection including health issues like Legionnaires’ Disease

Why Choose Us?

  • Technical Support Staff
  • On-Site Service Technicians
  • Over 1500 Products Available
  • Custom Chemical Formulations
  • Single Source Chemical Supplier
  • High Quality Specialty Chemicals