Paint Booth Maintenance

Paint spray booths are a vital part of most manufacturing lines; they provide a safe environment to achieve a quality paint application. To maintain a safe, trouble-free and quality paint booth proper maintenance is crucial.

There a many problems that can arise in paint booth operations, such as plugged pumps, clogged nozzles, sticky paint overspray, excessive foam, biological growth (odor) or poor sludge removal – can keep you from reaching your operating goals. EnviroServe’s programs can help you reduce costs and increase the reliability and efficiency of every component of your paint booths – from painting through sludge disposal. At EnviroServe Chemicals , we have both the knowledge and the chemical products to best serve you. Our detackification products can assist in eliminating the tackiness of the paint overspray. Bacterial growth, corrosion, and foaming can be controlled with the help of EnviroServe’s EnviroBooth™ products, and our EnviroPeel™ product line, will save you time and money with maintenance. Our complete line of paint booth maintenance products includes:

Paint Booth Products Available:

  • Foam Control
  • Flocculant / Floatation Chemicals
  • Dewatering Chemicals
  • Paint Detackification Chemicals
  • Corrosion & Alkalinity Control
  • Paint Booth Cleaners
  • Odor Control Products
  • Peelable Booth Coatings
  • Lubricants
  • Monitoring Equipment

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