Metal Drawing Products

EnviroServe Chemicals has a complete line of drawing and deep drawing press lube compounds designed to provide solutions for a variety of operations. All of these compounds are formulated to enhance lubrication creating a boundary between the press die or fixture and the substrate blank.

Our EnviroDraw™ products are well tested and proven in many high production drawing, deep drawing, wire drawing, extruding, tube milling, and capping operations.

EnviroServe’s press draw lubes help prevent wrinkling, bursting and provide excellent lubrication which permits superior metal flow. They are ideal for difficult-to-draw objects such as deep cylinders and most bowl type items.

All of our products can be applied by roller, swab, spray, flood, mist or by hand.

Heavy Duty Drawing Press Lubes

  • Pigmented Extreme Pressure Fortified
  • Non Staining
  • Extreme Lubrication

Hydrocarbon Oils with Heavy EP Additives

  • Chlorinated Sulfochlorinated
  • Sulfurised
  • Non Staining

Water Soluble Lubricants

  • Easily Cleaned
  • Chlorinated Additives
  • Synthetics & Semi Synthetics
  • Sulfochlorinated
  • Sulfurised

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