Metal Stamping Products

At EnviroServe Chemicals, we offer a complete line of metal forming compounds designed to provide solutions for a variety of operations. Our stamping, forming, bending and blanking compounds are formulated with a balance of boundary and extreme pressure lubricants while providing the clinging and film qualities needed for formability, extended tool and die life, and excellent surface finish. These products can be applied by flood, spray, swab, roller, or other conventional methods.

Our EnviroDraw™ and EnviroForm™ products are well tested and proven in many high-speed and progressive stamping operations, single process operations, punching, bending, blanking and coining processes.

Characteristics of our EnviroDraw™ and EnviroForm™ products:

  • Cool the dies and the work pieces
  • Provide boundary lubrication between the die and the work piece
  • Prevent metal-to-metal adhesion or welding
  • Cushion the die during the drawing operation

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