Peelable (Removable) Coatings

EnviroServe Chemicals’ waterborne and solvent based, fast drying, spray booth peelable coatings are temporary protective coatings made for: Paint Booth walls, floors & surrounding equipment. Removable coatings can also be used to protect other types of equipment temporarily during industrial processes or in material handling. Supplied as a liquid and applied by spray, roller, or brush, these coatings dry to form a skin-tight plastic film. When required they can simply be peeled away, without damage to the surface.

EnviroServe Chemicals’ peelable coatings can be used on a variety of surfaces such as glass, metals, thermosetting plastics, acrylics, cement floors, decals, painted wood and other nonporous surfaces. EnviroServe has a complete line of peelable coatings to meet your challenging requirements. Let us help you have a clean, safe and bright paint booth; so you can produce quality parts safely and economically.

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