Corrosion Control

EnviroServe Chemicals offers one of the most diverse and complete line of corrosion inhibitors available.

EnviroBlock™ brand of inhibitors provide a range of corrosion prevention compounds for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from controlled humidity indoor applications to the most extreme outdoor environments.

EnviroBlock™ brand of corrosion inhibitors can be applied by spray, dip, brush, swab, roller, or other conventional methods.

There are two major types of chemistry used to combat and control corrosion and rust. They are corrosion inhibitors and Corrosion Preventing Compounds (CPCs). Each type is briefly discussed below:

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that react with a metal surface, or the environment this surface is exposed to, giving the surface a certain level of protection. EnviroServe Chemicals’ EnviroBlock™ inhibitors work by depositing themselves onto the metal surface, becoming a part of the metal surface, and then protecting the metal surface by forming a protective barrier. Inhibitors are applied by means of a chemical solution.

Corrosion Preventing Compounds (CPCs)

CPCs have been used by the manufacturing industry for many years as a means of preventing rust or corrosion. CPCs range from water displacing to non-water displacing soft films and water displacing to non-water displacing hard films. Our EnviroBlock™ products contain or may include one or more of the following: oil, grease, or a resin based filming agent; a volatile carrier solvent; a non-volatile hydrophobic additive and or various corrosion inhibitors. The water displacing CPCs spread across the surface of the metal parts, into the tiny holes, cracks, and crevices where they displace any moisture and leave a protective film behind to act as a further barrier. The non-water displacing CPCs dries to a soft waxy, greasy or somewhat thicker film while providing a barrier film to most corrosive environments.

Currently, we manufacture a variety of corrosion control products to conform to all of your corrosion protection requirements.

Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Water Solubles
  • In-Process (Up to 3 Weeks Indoor)
  • Short Term (Up to 6 Weeks Indoor)
  • Mid Term (Up to 6 Months Indoor)
  • Synthetics (Nitrite, Non-nitrite, and DEA-free)
  • Cleaner/Inhibitors (Nitrite, Non-nitrite, and DEA-free)

Corrosion Preventing Compounds (CPCs)


  • Mid Term (Up to 6 Months Indoor)
  • Long Term (Greater than 1 Year Indoor)
  • Film Forming Oil Based

Water Displacing (Solvent Based)

  • Mid Term (Up to 6 Months Indoor)
  • Long Term (Greater than 1 Year Indoor)
  • Water Displacing and Dry to Touch

Water Soluble

  • Mid Term (Up to 6 Months Indoor)
  • Water Soluble Oils

EnviroBlock™ brand of corrosion inhibitors pass many MIL specs.

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