Iron Phosphate

EnviroServe Chemicals offers the metal surface finisher a full line of iron phosphate conversion coatings. Our EnviroPhos™ products are specifically designed for the different types of processes encountered in the metal finishing industry; multi-stage spray systems, agitated immersions, high-speed coil lines, or high pressure and steam wands.

Each product we make is tailored made for a specific type of process and we have several accelerator packages to suit any particular application, metal / alloy, metal surface and/or type of paint used. We can also custom tailor a product to meet certain specific requirements.

When used in conjunction with some of our EnviroSeal™ rinse products, adhesion and corrosion resistance are greatly improved. With the proper combination of phosphatizer, sealer and paint used, steel surfaces coated with an organic polymer can achieve over a 1000 hours of salt-spray (ASTM B-117 / ASTM D-1654) resistance (rating of 6 or higher).

Several of our products meet and/or are approved for various industrial, defense and governmental specifications such as MIL-DTL-5541F, Type II, Class 1A; federal specification TT-4 Type II and Caterpillar 1E4093C.

Automated Wash Lines

  • Stand Alone Coater
  • Cleaner/Coater Combinations
  • Low Temperature Iron Phosphates
  • Multi-Metal Safe Formulations

Manual Spray Processes

  • Stand Alone Coater
  • Cleaner / Coater Combinations
  • Low Temperature Iron Phosphates
  • Low Concentration RINSE FREE Products
  • Multi-Metal Formulations

Immersion/Dip Processes

  • Cleaner/Coater Combinations
  • Stand Alone Iron Phosphates
  • Low Temperature Iron Phosphates
  • Low Sludge Generating Products
  • Multi-Metal Formulations

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